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LipoMax PRO Ingredients &
Supplemental Facts





This is the first stomach fat burner formula that actually makes you feel good, while it melts away your stubborn abdominal fat. And the best thing is that it's 100% safe, natural and effective. That's because it's made from only the purest and finest laboratory grade, naturally occurring, herbal minerals and extracts.

LipoMax Pro contains only 100% naturally
occurring herbal minerals and fruit extracts


It's important to remember that we use the highest legal amounts of the finest natural ingredients in EXTRACT form only. We don't use powder form like other weight loss products. Powders are generally 'under potent' and they only contain a little active ingredient.


New Acai Berry Formulation


As mentioned on the Oprah Winfrey show as 'Dr. Perricone's No. 1 Superfood', the Acai berry has been discovered to be high in antioxidant levels as well as other beneficial compounds (polyphenols, anthocyanins, flavonoids, proanthocyanidins as well as resveratrol).



Dr. Perricone says Acai berries are the 'no. 1 superfood', on The
Oprah Winfrey show & website. LipoMax Pro contains
real Acai berries.




The Acai berry has been shown to have potential health benefits and is often used for weight loss compounds. We have formulated a potent laboratory pulp of the Acai berry which captures all it's nutrients and anti oxidants. This is specially included as part of our latest formulation of LipoMax Pro .


So now you get the free added benefits of the Acai berry as well as massive belly fat busting properties!

The new updated formulation of LipoMax Pro contains
real Acai berries - as made famous By Dr Perricone on The Oprah
Winfrey show, for it's popular anti oxidant properties




LipoMax Pro Is The Only Belly Fat Burner Licensed To Contain ChroPicol


Chromium Picolinate is a nutrient which has previously been shown to help with weight loss. But there is a new strain of this nutrient, called ChroPicol .




ChroPicol is a powerful derivative of Chromium Picolinate,
which is often used for weight loss. LipoMax Pro is the only
company registered to use ChroPicol in it's formula.



Chropicol is actually a concentrated version of Chromium Picolinate. It's like taking all the powerful and effective goodness from Chromium Picolinate and packing it all into a more hardcore form.


And LipoMax Pro is the only company who have been approved to use ChroPico in it's belly fat burning formula.



100% Research Proven

LipoMax Pro consists of a precise laboratory blend of scientific research supported ingredients. These can help you to burn excess belly fat when used alongside a healthy diet exercise programme.



Leaves No Liver Residue


Unlike other orally administered weight management products, LipoMax Pro is made of 100% naturally occurring herbal minerals and extracts. This means it does not leave any residues in the liver, at all.










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